Yogi Akal in Print Media

Yogi Akal in Print Media

Yogi Akal is a columnist and contributor for prominent publications around the world.

Yogi Akal has written for or has been featured in popular magazines and newspapers, including Elle, Glamour, Beverly Hills Magazine, Globe & Mail, National Post, Montreal Gazette, and Toronto Star. He has often been called upon for expert interviews and references on subjects that include corporate wellness and alternative medicine, as well as personal advice and social commentary, in a diverse range of print media.

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Below is a partial list of the print publications that Yogi Akal has been featured in:


  • National Post
  • Canadian Living Magazine
  • Metro, Toronto
  • NOW, Toronto
  • Toronto Star, Toronto
  • Tonic Magazine, Global & Mail, Toronto
  • Yogic Arts and Sciences, Toronto
  • Yoga Therapy and Natural Medicine, Toronto
  • Montreal Gazette
  • Ambiance Sante, Healthstyle, Montreal
  • As a Matter of Fact, Vancouver


  • Elle Magazine, New York
  • Westchester News, New York
  • Beverly Hills Magazine, Los Angeles
  • Healing Options, Vermont
  • Miami Herald, Miami
  • Nuevo Herald, Miami
  • San Diego Entertainer Magazine


  • Express, Trinidad
  • Guardian, Trinidad
  • Newsday, Trinidad
  • Mirror, Trinidad


  • Glamour, Mexico