The Next Step for Leading Minds

The Next Step for Leading Minds

Introducing Yogi Akal’s New Keynote for the 21st Century Leader

Yogi Akal delivers every time; his powerful presentations awaken the spirit, uplift the heart and open the mind. He brings a unique style and perspective to corporations, institutions and organizations around the world. He also helps to craft policy that inspires progress, achievement and innovation around the world. Yogi Akal helps make the impossible possible.


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At this time, Yogi Akal is only available via video conference.


What People Are Saying

“In my thirty-five years as a public servant I never experienced such a powerful and enjoyable event. Not once did I look at my watch or check my phone. I was totally engaged and inspired byYogi Akal’s program.” 

“Yogi Akal’s program changed everything for me. Within ten minutes I realized how much more I can gain from life and my work, what is important and what is not. In all my years, I simply worked to get  paid. The reason for my work and its connectedness to more had never been developed. Now I think of this often and it shows in every area of my life. I am especially proud of how others are responding to me in much more positive ways.”

“Yogi Akal has an extraordinary mind. As a government consultant and corporate trainer, he has added value to my own thinking about how to inspire higher performance from staff members.”

“Yogi Akal’s leadership program made me realize that if you do not have clarity about your self and if you do not understand who you are then it is very difficult to be an effective leader.”

“An encounter with Yogi Akal causes major paradigm shifts in thinking about life, relationships and what we do as leaders.”

“Yogi’s program was an eye opener. I had to dig deep within to answer very important questions about who I am and where I am going, but more so, how am I going to get there. It caused me to refocus on my life goals. I feel energized. Thank you Yogi Akal!”