The Game of Life

The Game of Life

Many years ago, a group of children passed me by and called out “Hey, Ali Baba!”, intending it as an insult since I wear a turban. I immediately turned back to them and said: “OK, what are your wishes. I will grant you three.” Startled and curious they paused and tried to stump me. One said, “I want to be happy”. “Granted”, I said. Another asked for something silly. I asked them if that was all or if they could imagine a little bigger. After a moment, they became serious and asked for qualities, like healing. “Granted”. And thus, we stood on a corner, consulting each other in all seriousness, as if adjusting the planet and all the lives these wonderful young people would touch. They were powerful enough to name their destinies, call out their real intentions, and demand their best. It was sweet, honest, good-natured, and above all, peaceful. A moment or three of irreverence had turned to a game of creation.

A wish, or a word, is either a blessing or a curse. Once uttered, it has a trajectory. Let us correct and direct our words to peace and healing.

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