The Art of Connection and the Renaissance Mind

The Art of Connection and the Renaissance Mind

Near the start of my career, I developed and taught a unique creative communication program designed for medical personnel and people with disabilities. Using a variety of awareness exercises and techniques, clients experienced dramatic breakthroughs. For example, a young boy with cerebral palsy created such an intense focus that he became still and his communication partner, an adult who had been silent and paralyzed due to a brain aneurism began to move and create sound. They produced a powerful connection that went beyond their preconceived limitations. The doctors and nurses were baffled but elated. For the participants, it was clear that intuitive focus was their best vehicle for communication. It was a thrilling experience that had lasting positive effects. 

I’ve been sharing these exercises and techniques over the decades, and now, I am teaching others how to achieve quantum leaps through: the Art of Connection and the Renaissance Mind.

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