Executive Programs and Retreats

Transforming the Leading Mind to Intuitive Genius

In his inspiring and powerful executive programs and retreats, Yogi Akal reveals the secrets of mental and intuitive power that create the greatest success in every aspect of life. He teaches leaders how to access and master the Renaissance Mind™ and keep it flowing; an indispensable skill for excelling and navigating in the information-saturated 21st century.

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Keynotes and Consulting

Engaging Audiences and Inspiring Leaders

Yogi Akal is a dynamic and compelling speaker, having conducted hundreds of programs worldwide. A unique figure on the world stage, he has touched the hearts and minds of millions of people. His expertise and sharp delivery educate and elevate audiences while providing new perspectives on today’s toughest challenges. His popular and powerful Renaissance Mind™ and Stress-Away™ presentations uplift the heart and open the mind.

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Business Development and Design

Delivering the Vision

Yogi Akal turns ideas into reality for business and government leaders around the world. From agri-business to symbiotic housing, he expands corporate potential and profitability, building new models for high-impact projects and large-scale development. He creates wealth opportunities through his international network, fostering strategic connections, collaborations, and partnerships for sustainable success. He inspires progress, achievement, and innovation in every venture.

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Stress-Away™ Media Bookings and Podcast

World-Class Expertise On Air, in Print, Online

Yogi Akal is a seasoned and consummate media professional. His engaging personality and down-to-earth approach consistently attracts audiences and boosts ratings in all markets. He has appeared on major networks in television, radio, print, and digitial media around the worls. His new Stress-Away™ video series is now available to  corporate audiences.

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