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Media Booking

World-Class Expertise On Air, in Print, Online

Yogi Akal is a seasoned and consummate media professional. His engaging personality and down-to-earth approach consistently attracts audiences and boosts ratings in all markets. He has appeared on major networks in television, radio, print, and the Internet around the world.  Read More

For original content, expert commentary and featured guest appearances, contact Yogi Akal’s Media Booking Office.


Video Series

Yogi Akal brings decades of experience in media around the world to his new web series, Stress-Away. In this five-part series, he addresses the causes, symptoms and outcomes of stress and how to become stronger to manage them. Yogi Akal is available for remote appearances and interviews across all major media platforms.
Yogi Akal experience in media

At this time, Yogi Akal is only available via video conference.