Lift Off

Lift Off

We are entering the Space Age.

If you don’t get ready for it, you are going to be sorely disappointed and left behind. This isn’t the Information Age anymore. This isn’t even the New Age. This is the Space Age. Unless you understand that your neighbourhood is the Solar System and you’re preparing your body and your nervous system for space flight, you’re going to be in trouble. The human sensory body is going to fly further than the atmospheres of Earth within the next hundred years, probably within the next twenty. We shall move forward with space travel, sharing our experience beyond the planet, and engaging in permanent exploration off the planet. Unless that happens, there will be no way to contain the pain because the human must move forward. And when it doesn’t, it falls and fails. This is progress, individually and collectively. When the subconscious and unconscious are clear, and are cleared regularly, when that internal pipeline is kept clear, then the exploration of inner space as well as outer space becomes achievable and healthy – and that’s where all our children are going, to the higher and deeper realms of both inner and outer space, equally. Let us prepare the way for them to succeed, in peace.

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