Intuitive Intelligence

Intuitive Intelligence

Animals have instinct, senses and physical prowess to protect themselves. They can leap further, run faster and bite harder than humans. They smell what we cannot detect, hear what is beyond our range, magnetically sense what we don’t feel, and even communicate telepathically seamlessly. However, they do not have intuition. This is the unique protective instrument of the human, part of human consciousness, individually and collectively, providing protection far superior to any physical, mental, sensory or instinctual instrument.

Intuitive intelligence is not a psychic experience. Nor is it a special gift, reserved for sensitives. If you have to “channel” it, then you are not getting out of the way fast enough to be intuitive. If you have to see it, read it, hear it or feel it, then you are slowing down the process and not engaging your intuition.

Intuition does not arrive. It is always there. It is our awareness that changes, as we become accustomed to its trustworthiness.  For some, intuition eases into one’s life over time. For others, it seems to burst on the scene like a stroke of lightning. It can be a gentle prod, an inner whisper, a series of synchronistic events, a wonderful coincidence, a feeling of being guided, or a moment of extra clarity. Or it can be realized as a shock, as if reality is suddenly turned upside down. Whether it is a gut feeling, a hunch, a flash of insight, or a whole new way of looking at life, intuition always begins with an awakening, an extra sensory awareness of life that adds genius to our perception. The key is to understand that intuitive realization is permanent and seamless.

Every problem has two sides – information and intuition. Without information, one is ignorant. Without intuition, one is blind. Either way, without both sides in gear, problems are a fool’s gamble. With both sides working, one can know what is best and move in that direction, re-calibrating along the way.

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