Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence

Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence

Deciphering Information


In the third Emergency Leadership Summit, Yogi Akal focused on a specific international incident, its message and the importance of gathering intel and its counterweight.


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Intelligence and Counter-Intelligence

As a leader, your homework and preparation include intelligence and counter-intelligence. When you use your intelligence and you have discipline, you can see through everything, so long as you understand the counter-intelligence on all sides of it – above, on both sides, and below.

If you don’t understand the counter-intelligence, then the intelligence will always backfire. It will go against your reputation, against your goals, against your trust, or perhaps against your life. The Alexei Navalny situation is a good example. His alleged poisoning is a warning shot, a demonstration, a message to operatives in the West to pay attention, and do what they’re told.

This archaic and dangerous attack is important for us all to pay attention to. The times we live in are in some ways more dramatic than other times, because there’s no more privacy. What happens in one part of the world is visible to all parts of the world.



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