Expert Adviser Yogi Akal Launches “Stress-Away™ Today”

Expert Adviser Yogi Akal Launches “Stress-Away™ Today”

Press Release: June 17, 2021


Yogi Akal, an expert adviser to governments, corporations and world leaders, is launching a vitally important new solution to the growing stress-pandemic across the globe: The Stress-Away™️ System.

This announcement comes at a time when levels of stress are at some of the highest seen since the onset of the Coronavirus Pandemic. “Social, political and economic uncertainty have intensified people’s stress alongside the pandemic, and the effects are long-lasting, much longer than we might think. We need to act now,” says Yogi Akal.

In response to this extraordinary new reality, Yogi Akal has developed the Stress-Away System, which provides teaching and tools for navigating stress in the 21st century. “People need solutions, and they need to enjoy the process of getting strong in the face of stress,” says Yogi Akal. Packed with insightful learning and accessible techniques, Yogi and his team at Stress-Away Today offer solutions and resources specialized for professionals in any industry.

Yogi Akal and his team have a deep sense of responsibility and commitment to serving the global community. The impact of stress has become so overwhelming that simply reducing it no longer suffices. The potential harm that stress can induce makes it an issue that must be addressed now. “People need 21st century solutions, they need something powerful and new that they can use to manage and overcome the challenges of stress, and thrive in our 21st century reality – that’s what Stress-Away Today is all about.”

Now is the time to book Yogi Akal; He delivers compelling value to address this critically important issue and can work with any audience.

About Stress-Away™️ Today

Yogi Akal and the Stress-Away team serve the globe from offices in Toronto, Vancouver, St. Louis, and Geneva. The Stress-Away system is designed to help professionals change the way they understand, experience, and deal with stress both immediately and in the long term. Whether it’s to better lead a team, be more productive, or live a more balanced life, Stress-Away provides reliable, effective and sustainable solutions that any individual, company or organization can benefit from. Stress-Away Today’s solutions, including live and recorded online workshops and group sessions for companies are available now.