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Yogi Akal Executive Programs

Executive Programs

Transforming the Leading Mind to Intuitive Genius

Yogi Akal articulates a unique understanding of today’s leadership issues and presents an unparalleled vision for tomorrow. In his inspiring and powerful executive programs, he reveals the secrets of mental and intuitive power that create the greatest success in every aspect of life. He teaches leaders how to access and master the Renaissance Mind™ and keep it flowing, an indispensable skill for excelling and navigating in the information-saturated 21st century. Through his popular Stress-Away™ programs, he shares actionable insights, original strategies and specific solutions for managing the exceptional stress that leaders with extraordinary influence and responsibility experience. 

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Private Retreats

Quantum Leaps of Consciousness in Record Time

During his exclusive private retreats, Yogi Akal creates an unforgettable and monumental experience for each individual leader and opens a new gateway to progress that is unlimited in every imaginable way. Elite programs in the form of one-on-one and team retreats are designed for high-level leaders who have the greatest impact in their respective fields, such as commerce, government, media, sports, arts and entertainment.

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At this time, Yogi Akal is only available via video conference.