Emergency Leadership Summit with Yogi Akal

Emergency Leadership Summit with Yogi Akal

Time Is of the Essence


Yogi Akal has been inundated with calls from world leaders and influencers, asking him to share his perspective and approach during the global COVID-19 emergency. In response to these urgent requests, he launched a monthly Emergency Leadership Summit series, addressing the crisis, along with related international matters and issues.


The first video was released on April 12, 2020.  


Imagination, Insight and Boldness for Global Leaders

“We count on Yogi Akal. He has been engaged in promoting leadership skills at the highest level, crafting policy and strategy and offering content for key public addresses and documents. He has led conferences and delivered powerful speeches on a variety of important topics. And he has worked with financiers to develop large scale opportunities that enhance local and regional economies. As a Sikh minister he has represented diversity, a multi-faith respect for all spiritual paths, as well as an active agenda for peace and innovation in communities around the world. Yogi Akal has tremendous positive impact. His Global Leadership Summit is needed during these challenging times.” – Inaugural Panel, Global Leadership Summit


Urgent Invitation to World Leaders from Yogi Akal’s Corporate Team

The world is constantly changing, and right now, we are in the eye of the storm. Sometimes change happens smoothly, and sometimes it hits us like a tsunami. Either way, change is constant that we must learn to cope with.

Everyone reacts differently to change and some adapt to it better than others. At the beginning, though, it is safe to say that change triggers discomfort and uncertainty in most of us.

Leaders like you, not only have to find a way to manage these challenges and process it for yourself, but also support those who look to you for guidance. Whether you are a leader of a nation or have millions of followers relying on you for an answer, a solution, or peace of mind, the weight of this responsibility can be all-consuming.

The expectation of all leaders – from heads of state to public figures – is to remain calm, make sound choices that serve the interest of the people, and do so all the while being under constant scrutiny. To remain agile and adaptable in the face of change, you must first be stable in yourself and your ability to lead.

With rapidly evolving news and events, you may not have had the chance to slow down and actually process what is going on around you while the public continues to watch your every move.  While you are an exceptional leader, you remain human and with that, comes the natural feelings of weakness, hesitation, fatigue, and stress that you are expected to mask in front of others.

In the face of the COVID-19 global crisis, people need their leaders more than ever. No one has the answer as to what will happen next, nor when things will return to “normal.”  Although deep down inside of us we know that the “normal” we used to know is gone and we have to prepare ourselves and our people for what is to come.

How do we do that? How can we be strong and find stability within ourselves in this time of turbulence. How do we lead by example in this time of crisis? How to manage the extraordinary stress that comes from being a person of impact and influence and help others to cope in these uncertain times.

Although change is one of the few constants in life, it scares people and throws them off balance when it shows up unannounced. With no clear understanding of what the world will look like in the coming weeks, leaders are turning to Yogi Akal for reassurance, support and solutions.

We invite you to participate in Yogi Akal’s Global Leadership Summit, Emergency Series for actionable insights, a unique perspective and a safe place to decompress/reinvigorate. Build unwavering stability and peace of mind while in the midst of turbulence and challenge.

March 27, 2020