Emergency Leadership Summit with Yogi Akal

Emergency Leadership Summit with Yogi Akal

Time Is of the Essence


Yogi Akal has been inundated with calls from world leaders and influencers, asking him to share his perspective and approach during the global COVID-19 emergency. In response to these urgent requests, he launched a monthly Emergency Leadership Summit series, addressing the crisis, along with related international matters and issues.


The first video was released on April 12, 2020.  


Imagination, Insight and Boldness for Global Leaders

“We count on Yogi Akal. He has been engaged in promoting leadership skills at the highest level, crafting policy and strategy and offering content for key public addresses and documents. He has led conferences and delivered powerful speeches on a variety of important topics. And he has worked with financiers to develop large scale opportunities that enhance local and regional economies. As a Sikh minister he has represented diversity, a multi-faith respect for all spiritual paths, as well as an active agenda for peace and innovation in communities around the world. Yogi Akal has tremendous positive impact. His Global Leadership Summit is needed during these challenging times.”