Business Development & Design

Yogi Akal Delivering the Vision on Project Development

Project Development

Delivering the Vision Yogi Akal turns ideas into reality for business and government leaders around the world. From agri-business to symbiotic housing, he expands corporate potential and profitability, building new models for high-impact projects and large-scale development. He creates wealth opportunities through his international leadership network, fostering strategic connections, collaborations and partnerships for sustainable success. Yogi Akal inspires progress, achievement and innovation in every new venture.

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Enlightened Design

Shaping the Future Yogi Akal is transforming design for enlightened living, wellness, and purpose. In collaboration with global visionaries and change makers, he develops transcendent legacy projects that have lasting impact.

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Yogi Akal is transforming design for Legacy

At this time, Yogi Akal is only available via video conference.