Agri-Fresh: High Tech Green Solutions

Agri-Fresh: High Tech Green Solutions

Vertical Farming Systems Invigorating Urban Communities


Imagine a 365-day season without droughts, freezes or infestations; nutritious high-quality produce delivered within hours; near-zero waste; enormous savings of land and water; direct availability to all market sectors from individual consumers to major retailers.

In America today, the average tomato travels 1,800 miles on a tractor-trailer from farm to table. Artificial compounds are added to the unripe tomatoes so that they can mature en route. Sixty percent or more of the product is discarded or wasted. Field production is limited by season and climate. The carbon footprint is egregious.

Agri-Fresh is Yogi Akal’s innovation in global agri-business, technology and environmental sustainability. Quality systems assure expert integration of plant science and technology; crops can be cultivated anywhere, anytime, and at lower costs.


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