Advocating for the Next Generation

Advocating for the Next Generation

Building Tomorrow’s Leaders, Today

From original and groundbreaking work in stress reduction, creative communication and special needs, to recent panels on anti-bullying, gender equality and diversity, Yogi Akal stands out as an advocate for children everywhere. His work with students, educators and administrators, from pre-K to university, inspires excellence, leadership and innovation.

In 2020, Yogi Akal is inviting young influencers from different areas of expertise and communities around the world to develop their inherent ability to impact, innovate and lead.




“Yogi Akal is a superior speaker with critically needed skills and a very important message. Thanks for a great experience!” – Columbia University

“We are all thankful for a unique, educational and exciting experience. Yogi Akal is a hit with teachers, students and administrators.” – Westchester School District

“Our teachers’ conference and the American Alliance For Health, Physical Education, Recreation, And Dance fully endorses Yogi Akal. His programs are needed. They’re a must for teachers, students and administrators.” – AAHPERD

“Yogi Akal’s expertise is of great value to the community. The children love him.”  – Phoenix School Board

“Yogi Akal helps students and staff learn to deal with their stress in a non-chemical way… a life skill that is a must for kids and adults.”  – Byram Hills School District

“Yogi Akal’s expertise continues to benefit us educationally as well as athletically. For days afterwards, teachers and students were asking for more.”  – Connecticut Schools

“Yogi Akal’s presentation was one of the highlights of the day and a major contribution to our successful event. His work reflects both his professionalism and commitment.”  – City of Montreal, Old Port

“Immediate tangible results… enlightening… priceless.”  – The New School