Yogi Akal

Yogi Akal is a renowned global strategist and leadership expert with a distinguished record advising governments, corporations and private individuals.

As a speaker, consultant and media personality, he has touched the hearts and minds of millions of people around the world.  

Over the years, Yogi Akal has guided world leaders and CEOs to achieve maximum results, overcome obstacles, and go beyond their expectations.

He is a dynamic and compelling speaker, having conducted hundreds of programs for prominent universities, media outlets, organizations, and companies.

Yogi Akal has been an influential advocate for peace, human rights and gender equality. He was the first yogi to be elected to a national board for peace education and to serve as a delegate to the United Nations.

He has supported large scale development and sustainability efforts, helping to connect private sector impact financing with global investment opportunities. His safety and security program has been utilized successfully at local and international levels.

Yogi Akal is known for his straightforward communication and unique ability to create winning strategies. His innovative, inspirational approach brings people together for extraordinary success.

In his current work, Yogi Akal is sharing the key to success in the 21st Century, known as The Renaissance Mind, with global audiences.


“I believe that there is a genius inside each living being, each soul and that this prodigious consciousness moves us individually and collectively, constantly and patiently, from darkness to light in each moment of our life. Each of us goes through this process, personally and professionally, in our own way, with our own unique circumstances and capacities.”   – Yogi Akal  (aka Agia Akal Singh Khalsa