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Global Impact

Keynotes and Consulting

Yogi Akal is a unique figure on the world stage, impactful, enlightening and entertaining. His powerful keynotes and engaging presentations address topics that are timely and relevant from his unique perspective as a yogi, global strategist and leadership specialist. A trusted counselor and consultant, Yogi Akal is the voice of clarity, strategy and innovation, the compass and calm in the storm.

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Corporate Excellence

Executive Programs and Private Retreats

Yogi Akal promotes forward-thinking at the highest level. Through his Renaissance Mind™ and Stress-Away™ executive programs and exclusive retreats, Yogi Akal introduces new strategies and techniques for transforming the leading mind to intuitive genius. He communicates directly with heads of state, global influencers and other key leaders who are committed to rising above any paradigm, experiencing personal and professional acceleration, and solving the world’s most pressing problems.

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International Media

Bookings and Web Series

Yogi Akal consistently generates the highest ratings in all media markets, in demand as an expert television, radio, print, and Internet personality. He appears on international news broadcasts, call-in programs, celebrity panels, popular talk shows, and streaming platforms. He has been a featured columnist and provides content for prominent publications. As a producer, Yogi Akal has developed a vast array of multimedia content for entertainment, education and activism. His new Stress-Away™ online series, available now, reaches a global audience. 

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Strategic Leadership 

Business Development and Design

Yogi Akal is a force for global change in the realm of strategic planning and development. He incubates new ideas and projects in commerce and government, collaborating with visionaries in every field. His business network supports large scale development and sustainability efforts, connecting private sector financing with global investment opportunities. Yogi Akal promotes innovation, working internationally to improve local and regional economies.

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