The Genius Inside

I believe that there is a genius inside each living being, each soul and that this prodigious consciousness moves us individually and collectively, constantly and patiently, from darkness to light in each moment of our life. Each of us goes through this process, personally and professionally, in our own way, with our own unique circumstances and capacities.

Life Is Intuitive

Life is meant to be intuitive. Life, like success, is in motion, a flow. Without an intuitive flow, life is a gamble, with less than the spark every person deserves. We learn to read, write and do math, but we don’t learn to sharpen our most essential and reliable tool, the egalitarian science of intuition. Calm and progressive leadership is rooted in this skill.

Three Key Senses

You have three overriding senses – common sense, intuitive sense, and a sense of humour. When any one of these is weak, you are a mess. When all three are strong, you can do anything, reach anyone, and know everything.

The New Adage

The old adage, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” doesn’t work anymore. The new rule is, “Do unto others as they can receive it.”. Communicating what we want to say is never as important as getting through.  Connection is at the heart of all success.

Mastering Your Mind

Mastering your mind is the first privilege of being human. The next big shift for humanity is moving away from being enslaved by the mind and emotions and instead developing the science of the mind so that it serves you. Intuition is one of the big rewards of this shifting awareness.

Never React

Never ever react. It uses up brain space that can and should be used for genius, problem solving, creative flow and intuition. Always take a breath or two first….then you will know what to do, or at least give you space to not react.  You are what you say, and you eat your own words.

Peace Is Not Gentle

Peace is not gentle. It takes the most courage, patience, sacrifice and intelligence. All peace and progress takes practice; a daily commitment to what is best, without the need for immediate gratification. Once you know peace you do not want anything else. It is the measure of success, the goal of human life and the purpose of this planet.

Fear Wastes Brainpower

Fear has no place in your head or heart or business. When you know the consequences of what you say and do, you are past any pattern of fear. You not only need to know the consequences; you also need to know you can handle the consequences and the consequences of the consequences. Then you are ready to face the laws of karma, to make decisions before Lady Justice and her scales, with wisdom, insight and real power.